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Knights in the Darkness

So for the last month, as an expirament and attempt at personal growth, i've taken the advice of Joe McDaldno, and i've 'reworked one of the greats.'

Tonight (7 minutes late from my own self-imposed deadline) i offer to you what i've got so far:
Knights in the Darkness

This game is my attempt at reverse-engineering and further-understanding the classic Dogs in the Vineyard by D. Vincent Baker. So far i've learned a lot, about my own game ideas, how i ingest game-info/design, what Dogs is about, and what Knights is about. It's also been hella hard, which is scary, because i'm only just re-sayin' what this other guy said. But in the end, it's left my brain fried.

In a good way.

I present now, for your (hopefully) benefit: a game about good people trying to help the suffering and smite the bad stuff we all know is out there. I'll be honest, and admit up front, the game is broken. It doesn't work. Not that it's unplayable, but it does not tell the stories i want it to tell. In the end, i should have probably expected that. Nonetheless, it's been a wonderful experience, and i hope you can get something from it, as well.

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