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Lucky Adventure #1

For reasons legally imposed by the standards of the first 'role-playing game,' and to honor the Gygax, our first ever publicly recorded and post-publication Adventure of Lucky Pip and Ithamar Chonchie is as follows...(cue the Theme music)

Our story begins with Lucky Pip and his ever-present sidekick, the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie, as they rest from a long day of fighting the hoards of darkness. Together they sigh, as the sun smolders to an ember and the shadows of evil are replaced by the complacent comfort of a calm night.

In short: They both start out in a Tavern.

Now, Pip is a Level One Bard, a choice he'd made mostly in order to reap the benefits of a future Prestige Level, Songslayer, wherein he can replace his charisma modifier for any damage rolls related to performance based damages. And it's not like he's worried, because Conchie is a level one Fighter (though secretly Conchie has also cross-classed as a Cleric, for reasons that should be obvious).

So, to properly celebrate the creation of another adventuring party, Pip leaps to the tavern's bar and raises his glass in a toast to the spilling of Orc blood and the death of the land's wretched tyrant: Lord Darklord™, the Lord of Darkness™.

Unfortunately, this tavern is a proud hovel of Lord Darklords finest Goblin Solders and Combat Rat Riders. A fact Pip had missed, after assuming fallaciously that the denizens were but homely country folk. Very badly burned homely country folk. This would most likely have been less of an issue had Pip not taken so many DM approved drawbacks to min-max his Bard. Turns out having "one eye", "short-sighted", and "lazy eye" all at once makes certain distinctions difficult to pick up. Even if you do start with a really bitchin' lute. Such is the result of Point Buy Systems.

As the room fell to utter silence, followed by the hiss of swords being pulled from their scabbards, the Orc Cheiftan at the back of the chamber lit a torch and raised it in a quiet protest to the toast.

It was in this moment that Pip looked to his companion, the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie, and said, "Ithamar, what are we going to do now?"

And Ithamar said, "You have the talent to accomplish your goals."

This, of course, was true and sage advice. Assured once more in his talents, even at level one, Pip launched into his one man show!

He dances! He sings! He snatches the Chieftan's torch and swallows fire (though it slightly singes him, he has not yet acquired the appropriate feat yet). And to end it all he softens the hearts of even the strongest Combat Rat Riders in a Duet with Ithamar (who plays a lovely lady) portraying his lost love.

The Orcs began to mutter among themselves, a bit of tear glistening in the Chieftan's eye. One battle-scarred monster sobbed outloud, "I should have married before I became a raider!"

This gave them the chance they needed to escape. And escape they did. Though it was not long before trouble found them again...

In search of a place to make camp for the night, Ithamar points out the old Ruins outside the town's safe borders. And the duo heartily traipse the paths that lead to it's misty foundations. But once inside a calamitous encounter is sprung upon them! Ithamar, having forgotten his 10' pole, was unable to efficiently search for traps! And in a terrible moment of ancient gears grinding and the snapping of olden cable, they are both dropped headlong into a pit of Tigers!

But it was a long, long fall, as they toppled to their sudden fate. Long enough, even, for Lucky Pip to look at his friend, the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie, and ask, "What will we do now, Ithamar?"

And Ithamar said, "You will soon solve a difficult problem!"

And this was true, not surprisingly. Because they both landed on their ankles, shattering their legs to mid-thigh. Crippled and bawling for the last of their hitpoints, the Tigers of Tiger Pit Ruins took pity on them. And instead of killing them they ate their legs.

And that's how Lucky Pip and Ithamar Conchie became the first Tiger-Lords of Tiger Pit Keep, a level-12 adjustment for mounted combat only (purchased with DM's permission for having taken their legs). They later rebuilt the ruins into a mighty ziggurat, and waged a seven year war with Lord Darklord™, the Lord of Darkness™, defeating him on the mountains of Gledrief, using an army of Tigers riding in Tanks built by Gnome Prophets.

Authored by Mac and graypawn
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