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Horton Crow asks by Txt message:

"What happens if the Fortune says Remember the date, something good will happen to you in one week. Does that mean Lucky Pip is tortured for a week?"

The answer is emphatically yes. Many of our players don't realize that Lucky Pip is near to invincible, and can withstand all but a Kryptonite tipped yellow bullet, dipped in silver and shot at the end of a wooden stake with a Force Push. So if you get the chance to place Pip in a precarious position that lasts several hours, days, or even epochs, do not fail to do so. Pip will easily survive to mete out his comrades incomparable advice.

(Please leave all of your qualifying questions about the significant details to The Adventures of Lucky Pip and the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie in a response to this entry, or send them via advanced web mails to:
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