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Knights in the Darkness

So for the last month, as an expirament and attempt at personal growth, i've taken the advice of Joe McDaldno, and i've 'reworked one of the greats.'

Tonight (7 minutes late from my own self-imposed deadline) i offer to you what i've got so far:
Knights in the Darkness

This game is my attempt at reverse-engineering and further-understanding the classic Dogs in the Vineyard by D. Vincent Baker. So far i've learned a lot, about my own game ideas, how i ingest game-info/design, what Dogs is about, and what Knights is about. It's also been hella hard, which is scary, because i'm only just re-sayin' what this other guy said. But in the end, it's left my brain fried.

In a good way.

I present now, for your (hopefully) benefit: a game about good people trying to help the suffering and smite the bad stuff we all know is out there. I'll be honest, and admit up front, the game is broken. It doesn't work. Not that it's unplayable, but it does not tell the stories i want it to tell. In the end, i should have probably expected that. Nonetheless, it's been a wonderful experience, and i hope you can get something from it, as well.

Monkey in the Wrench


Horton Crow asks by Txt message:

"What happens if the Fortune says Remember the date, something good will happen to you in one week. Does that mean Lucky Pip is tortured for a week?"

The answer is emphatically yes. Many of our players don't realize that Lucky Pip is near to invincible, and can withstand all but a Kryptonite tipped yellow bullet, dipped in silver and shot at the end of a wooden stake with a Force Push. So if you get the chance to place Pip in a precarious position that lasts several hours, days, or even epochs, do not fail to do so. Pip will easily survive to mete out his comrades incomparable advice.

(Please leave all of your qualifying questions about the significant details to The Adventures of Lucky Pip and the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie in a response to this entry, or send them via advanced web mails to:
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The Adventures of Lucky Pip and the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie

This is David Ross Drake, the reasonable half of Calculated Error Games. It's with both enthusiasm and trepidation that I present today the first release of The Adventures of Lucky Pip and the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie.

This game was a ridiculous endeavor first proposed by Andrew, who had the foresight to realize that dice are simply too predictable, and that thus the future of gaming lay in fortune cookies. We present this offering in the hopes of quashing this nascent trend. It's a simple story-telling game which takes 10-15 minutes to play; the rules cover two sides of a single piece of paper.

We're offering this to the public for the humble sum of a single American dollar.

You may ask yourself, "Self, in these desperate times, when daily we hear reports of flagging consumer spending, bankruptcies in the titans of industry, warring states abroad, and spiraling health-care costs, how can I justify the purchase of this stupid fortune-cookie game?"

In response, I submit the following: this game offers more than mere "entertainment" in exchange for your filthy lucre; indeed, The Adventures of Lucky Pip and the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie is literally crammed with morally instructive properties. You are not spending your hard-earned money on a superfluous piece of digital frippery. No! You are investing in your own character, and that of your fellow players. If this still is not enough to entice you, I note also that each pdf includes lovingly hand-drawn period illustrations provide by Andrew Henderson, well known in Seattle for his exhibitions on the walls of Beth's Cafe. Moral and Aesthetic remuneration; huzzah!

Onward America! Ever Proud, Free, and Brave, so long as we are able to stand up against our own unpatriotic parsimony and purchase the pdf provided through the paypal link below!

The Adventures of Lucky Pip and the Incomparable Ithamar Conchie: